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Name Title Department Email Telephone
Bani, Randy Hobart / Lawrence Chief of Police Police Department 920-869-3800
Beining, Scott Building Inspector/Zoning Administrator Building Inspections and Permits 920-347-3715
Boldt, Larry   Planning and Zoning Board   920-336-9131
Brienen, Kevin Town Supervisor Town Board 920-562-3099
Czachor, Tara Zoning and Permit Administrative Assistant Building Inspections and Permits 920-347-3713
Esser, Joyce Finance Assistant Administration 920-347-3712
Farvour, Allen Town Supervisor Town Board 920-660-9381
Kocken, Cindy Clerk-Treasurer Clerk-Treasurer 920-347-3719
Kussow, Mary Jo Deputy Clerk Sewer & Water Utility 920-336-9131
Lee, Skip   Planning and Zoning Board   920-336-9131
Minten, Kurt Fire Chief / Public Works Superintendent Fire & Rescue 920-660-6695
Mueller, Tyler Utility Operator Sewer & Water Utility 920-336-9131
Peterson, Brian   Planning and Zoning Board   920-336-9131
Runke, Travis   Planning and Zoning Board   920-336-9131
Spielman, Drew Assistant Chief Fire & Rescue 920-680-0459
Tibaldo, Lanny J Chairperson Town Board 920-619-6257
VanDeHei, Kenneth Town Supervisor Town Board 920-532-6291
VanDeHei, Mike   Planning and Zoning Board   920-336-9131
Vandennack, Randy Town Supervisor Town Board 920-660-2242
Wagner, Colin Utility Operator Public Works 920-336-9131
Wagner, Tonya   Planning and Zoning Board   920-336-9131
Wetzel, Patrick Town Administrator Administration 920-347-3710
Staff 1-22 of 22